Girls Soccer Ends Season at PSAA Semi-Finals


Olivia Guarna, Sports Co-editor

After seven weeks of practicing and playing hard every day, the girls Varsity Soccer Team’s hard work paid off, as they found themselves, for the first time in three years, in the third seed in the PSAA and a spot in the playoffs.  On October 22nd, the team headed out to Long Island Lutheran High School, for their semi-final match.  After having played LuHi twice already in the regular season, with less-than-hoped-for results, the BC girls knew that this game would not be an easy one, but if there was anything that they had proven throughout their hard-fought 6-8-1 season, it was that they could rise to the occasion.  And as Coach Dorn always says, “anything can happen in the playoffs.”  On play-off day, the girls walked off the bus, after an hour and a half drive, ready to fight hard. Coach Dorn had explained to them that for most of the game, they would be playing all-out defense against LuHi, but that their scoring opportunities, though they would not be many, would be sure to come.  At the start of the game, the BC team came out with high energy and high intensity.  As the game progressed, and LuHi was able to score a couple of goals, the girls kept their heads up, waiting for the scoring opportunity that Coach Dorn had promised. And finally, it came. After a foul by LuHi, BC was given an indirect kick outside of the box. Sabrina Quintanilla, a junior, was lined up to take the kick.  Because it was indirect, Claudia Freeman, senior, was going to run over the ball, and lightly tap it with her foot, so that Sabrina could proceed to shoot.  All went as planned, and Sabrina sent a beautiful ball in, which went right through the keepers hands and into the top left corner of the goal.  The BC girls started to cheer, running to Sabrina to congratulate her. However, tragically, the referees’ whistle blew. They announced that it was not a goal, because of a small technicality—a new rule about indirect kicks—that had been added to the books just last season.  Unfortunately, the team was not able to get another goal, and the game finished 4-0. Although this was not exactly the outcome the team had been dreaming of, the girls were happy that they had made it to playoffs and happy that they had played their hearts out.  After the game, the team got very emotional, as Coach Dorn thanked their two seniors, Claudia Freeman and Lily Rose Weiss, for their hard work and dedication throughout all four years of their high school careers.  As the team ate their post-game Celebratory Cupcakes, they all felt proud of how far they had come, and eager for the next season, where they knew they would be seeing the playoffs again.