The Berkeley Carrol Track Season Comes to an End


Alex Pachter, Class of 2015, Sports Editor

Berkeley Carroll has not had a concrete track team in over a decade and all that pent-up energy sure did help push them forward this season. The outdoor track season has come to a close and left an air of triumph and success. The season started off wet and chilly in April, but the Berkeley Carroll track team was excited to get running. Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday these athletes met up excited to feel their quads burn and to release their electrolytes while running around Prospect Park. The team competed in multiple meets at Red Hook and ran with pride in every step. Almost every meet resulted in more than one runner taking home a medal. “The idea is not winning to get trophies and awards,” one member said, “it is to see all of that practice pays off.” That said, a little hardware to flaunt never hurts.

The track team this season has wowed the BC community. The girls team earned over 20 points at the ACIS championship track meet in Red Hook due to the outstanding performances of both the sprinters and the distance runners. Particularly, freshman Isis Welch placed first in the 100-meter dash and third in the 200-meter dash. Another outstanding feat was Mekhia Posey placing fifth in the 400-meter dash. Coach Sanchez raved about the season’s teamwork and success: “Working with athletes who compete primarily to challenge themselves is a humbling process to witness; this makes the role of coach much more engaging, seeing students/athletes learn correct running form and pacing during a race. Many of the members on the outdoor track team have no prior experience competing on an athletic team, creating an opportunity for them to learn about teamwork and develop a sense of community. Both Coach Scott and I look forward to working with the cross-country team in the fall and returning next spring to build upon this year’s success.” Overall, the team has done an excellent job of representing Berkeley Carroll and bringing home glory!