Scenes From the Epicenter

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s easy to feel out of touch with people. Everyone’s behind masks, socially isolating, and staying inside. It’s safe to say we’re all missing a sense of community. Even when we’re remote learning with our classmates, we don’t have a lot of those social interactions that make life feel normal. It’s hard to see so much troubling news and feel like we’ll never recover, especially with New York being the epicenter of viral spread in the US. It’s easy to get down about this, but I have been so moved by and proud of the community that has risen up from all this. New York is more united than ever, finding ways to be together (albeit, staying 6 feet apart) to support each other and the frontline healthcare workers. I was inspired by this sentiment to document life in Brooklyn using photography. I’ve compiled a series of photos I took that I feel really show the community strength that New Yorkers have. I hope you enjoy them.

This was just a small sample of the photos I’ve taken. After going around and seeing the incredible push that New York is taking to keep its community strong and maintain high spirits, I feel a lot better about our current situation. I have no doubt that we will recover from this stronger than ever.


BC Blotter wants your photos! Get out your phone or a camera and start taking pictures to document this historic time. Email your photos to [email protected] to have them featured in a future Blotter photo essay. We’re looking forward to hearing from you soon. Stay safe!