Another Clinton?


On Sunday, April 12th, Hillary Clinton finally announced her campaign to run for president. The video she released following her announcement tells us exactly what she wants from her candidacy: for families and middle class men and women to get stronger. She says that she wants the American people to “do more than just get by, but get ahead, and stay ahead.” She says that “the deck is still stacked in favor of those in the top”, and that she wants to be America’s “champion.” Hillary seems to be trying to attract the American middle-class family. The Clinton 2016 Campaign is stationed right in DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York.


Serving as First Lady during Clinton’s presidency, US Senator of New York, and United States Secretary of State for the Obama administration, Hillary has a lot of experience, and has been getting a lot of attention. Not only is she is most likely going to be the Democratic nominee for the presidential election of 2016, but a few days ago, at a Republican gathering that held all state Republican officials in Nashua, N.H, she was all people could talk about. Many republicans were seen with red cards that read, #StopHillary, seeming to switch over their hatred of Obama to Clinton. For the 2016 Presidential Candidacy, many Democrats are placing all their eggs in one basket: Hillary’s. As Sarah Kovner, a leading Democratic donor and fundraiser in New York says, “She is by far the most experienced and qualified person we could possibly nominate. Not even on the horizon but on the far horizon.”


Though Hillary’s campaign seems pretty strong, she still has some controversy to deal with. Hillary recently revealed to the public that she used her personal email for her work when Secretary of State, a major controversy as the Secretary of State is supposed to use their work email so to prevent hacking. Many have also been criticizing her for resetting American relations with Russia and protecting American diplomats in Libya. What Hillary has to worry about most, though, is earning back the middle-class votes for her and the Democratic party. Whether it be through promoting her immigrant factory worker grandfather, or her small-businessman father, Hillary hopes to gain the trust and respect of middle-class families that she so desperately needs for her election. To make it to 2016, Hillary will have to answer all these criticisms, and battle through all the Republican’s hatred, something that Obama knows all too well.