Behind the Scenes of Making Mythical Creatures


Angela Goldshteyn, Staff Writer

As a child, Emma Rosman enjoyed reading books and watching movies about magical creatures and fairytales. She found them deeply fascinating and as a result, began to create these unique creatures like them in her ceramics work. Her sculptures revolve around a specific theme which may be seen in adventures in movies and novels: evil versus good. “The idea of innocence is fake and exposure to evil isn’t bad” she explains, “I want people to think about what is evil and why we think that these images are evil.” This theme is portrayed throughout her various art pieces. For instance, Emma created a wounded unicorn, who was “the protector of goodness” as she says, whose head was eaten by a goblin. In this case, we view the goblin as “evil” and the unicorn as “good,” but what makes the goblin “evil”?

Besides sculpting unicorns, Emma enjoys making dragon and phoenix eggs. What invites her to create such extraordinary art? She recalls, “I’m influenced by the people that make props for movies and TV shows… I am also really influenced by greek myths and fairy tales.” Emma first uses the ideas and props from movies to help her come up with ideas of what she wants to make, and then she goes to work. While making her sculptures, Emma remarks that she feels “insane,” “excited,” and “frustrated” because of her little patience and great eagerness to finish her sculptures. She vividly described her experience of sculpting: “I like to stand and get clay all over my hands, clothes, face, and my phone.”

When asked why Emma enjoys making these sculptures, she confidently states, “I create art mainly for myself because I am entertained by creating weird creatures. One of my side goals is for a little child to pass by one of my pieces and just become terrified but oddly interested and they can’t look away.” The feeling of enjoyment that Emma gets while creating art, the meaning that she wants others to take away, and the determination that she has to create such art, causes her to mold intricate, fascinating pieces of artwork. Emma loves art and she would like to continue making it after high school saying, “I want to do art after high school. If I stopped my soul would die.”