Students Tackle Tap For 42nd Street


Michelle Madlansacay, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Berkeley Carroll’s upcoming Spring musical 42nd Street, which opens on Wednesday, April 23rd, is surely a production to look forward to. 42nd Street is set in New York City, during the Great Depression. The story’s focus is on the musical adventures of an aspiring Broadway star, Peggy Sawyer (played by senior Eleanor Pearson), as she works her way to stardom after Broadway diva, Dorothy Brock (played by senior Lily Weiss) gets injured. Junior Drew Keenan, who plays Bert Berry, explained that in the musical, “the characters are using song and dance to get out of the Depression.” In the musical, there are twenty-three songs, as well as five tap dancing numbers taught and choreographed by Ms. Dalienne Majors. Justin Indovina, the director of the production, described 42nd Street as a “song and dance extravaganza.” He also explained that “usually this is a show with fifty people, but we only have twenty-four for the production.” The limited number of students in the cast means that individuals will have to take on greater responsibilities to help with the musical numbers. Chief among these responsibilities is learning how to tap dance.

Most of the cast members in BC’s production of 42nd Street have never tap danced before, making BC’s Spring musical even more exciting to see. Juniors Abigail Marin, Drew Keenan, and Tristan Gillia were happy to describe some of their tap dancing experiences. Tristan commented, “I’ve always loved tap dancing. The fact that its 30’s style dancing makes it even more fun.” Drew explained that “the biggest struggle for guys in tap dancing is the rhythm.” He joked that many of his fellow male cast members were also “flat footed” when it came to tap dancing. Abigail and Tristan both agreed that “keeping up with the tempo” is the greatest challenge for the female cast members. There is evidently a great amount of effort and work already being put into BC’s production of 42nd Street. After viewing one of the cast’s tap dancing classes, it is truly hard to believe that most of the students were new to tap dancing.

Loaded with catchy tunes and lively musical numbers, 42nd Street starkly contrasts with the Theater Department’s fall production, The Diary of Anne Frank. It is no coincidence that both these plays are period pieces set just decades apart.  Mr Indovina explained that the Theater Department “purposely put both productions in the same year to allow the audience to compare and contrast them.” The Diary of Anne Frank has a very serious and historical plot, which challenged the student actors and actresses in a different manner. However, in 42nd Street there is a more exuberant storyline, with fun songs to sing and dance along to. Mr. Indovina continued stating that, “people are going to leave this show happy, whistling  one of the songs from the musical.” In sum, he says, his  greatest hope for this production is “for the audience to have a fun time.”



Dorothy Brock                        Lily Weiss

Peggy Sawyer                       Eleanor Pearson

Maggie Jones                        Eliza Liebler

Ann Reilly                               Lucy Shenk

Phyllis                                    Emma Newbery

Lorraine                                 Miranda Cornell

Gladys                                   Lorelle Sang

Diane                                     Rebekah Hickson

Ethel                                      Samantha Schreiber

Ruby                                      Tristan Gillia

Ginger                                   Emily Cornicello

Maxine                                  Abigail Marin

Patsy                                     Hannah Berman

June                                      Anja Boltz

Andy Lee                               Kellen Penner Coxon

Mac                                       Callie Goodin

Julian Marsh                         Rocco Blum

Billy Lawlor                           Caleb Gordon

Bert Barry                             Andrew Keenan

Pat Denning/Cliff                   Will Pigott

Abner Dillon                          Henry Pearson

Frankie                                 Myles Zavelo

Allen                                     Ryan Hubbs


Co-Student Directors/Stage Managers: Annabelle Alrez, Julia Longo