Tea & Sympathy


Niamh Micklewhite, Food Columnist

Tea & Sympathy

108 Greenwich Ave.

NY, NY 10011

Tea & Sympathy houses a combination of eccentric British people, European tourists, and local New Yorkers. Situated on Greenwich Avenue, a street with many cultures, T&S is the hotspot for English comfort food. With 22 seats in the whole restaurant, there is usually a waiting time for larger parties due to the limited space. The staff is extremely friendly and all from the UK, which adds some extra quirkiness to the atmosphere. The food is traditional English; most of the menu at T&S might sound strange to some American people (ie. Spaghetti on Toast), but there is always something for picky eaters to eat. T&S is famous for its tea and cakes, but its menu around the clock is just as good.


Upper School history teacher Mr. Corfield is one of T&S’s “regulars.” He says T&S is a “gathering-place for expatriate English, they do a good bacon sandwich, and that co-owner Nicky is a very successful businesswoman,” who “has a heart of gold.” He adds, though, that customers “better obey her rules.” She is famous for kicking people out if her rules are not followed. Nicky came to New York in the 1990s and opened the restaurant a few years later. She and her husband, Shawn, have one daughter. Either Nicky or Shawn are always around the restaurant talking or laughing with customers.


T&S is one of three stores. Next door is a shop that sells T&S souvenirs, English sweets and biscuits, and Christmas crackers (all year round). Then, next to that, is an authentic English fish and chip shop, A Salt and Battery, where anyone can experience getting fish and chips wrapped in newspaper.


One of the great wonders of New York City is the diversity of it’s food industry. Every culture is represented one way or another.
Website for further enquiries: http://teaandsympathynewyork.com