Ninth Grade Selects Immigration Rights Organization As Charity For Bowl-A-Thon

Simon Korotzer-Mariani, Staff Writer

On April 2nd, the Ninth Grade gathered sponsors for our annual fundraiser, the Bowl-A-Thon. For the Bowl-A-Thon, each ninth grader bowled two games in hopes of raising money from predetermined donators. As a grade, we raised over 2,500 dollars! Next, we decided on which charity to donate the money to. Following debates, deliberations, and presentations, the grade decided to donate to an organization called Human Rights First.

Human Rights First is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to restoring American values. They believe that the United States should be a place where immigrants and refugees should feel safe. For example, the Trump administration requested to  “bring back waterboarding, and a hell of a lot worse”. In response, they assembled over fifty military leaders to stop President Trump from passing the law. In addition, they protect refugees, defend persecuted minorities, and team up with lawyers and activists to demand American action