Checking in With Matthew

Matthew Adjmi 18

Matthew Adjmi ’18

Julian Ansorge, News Editor

Last year, The Blotter interviewed Matthew Adjmi after his election victory as the student body president. The interview gave students the opportunity to get to know Matthew and become familiar with his aspirations as president. As Matthew’s term as president comes to a close, The Blotter checked in to see how his presidency has been going.


Blotter: What have you and the student council accomplished so far this year?


Matthew: “So far this year we have been organizing speakers, schoolwide events, and are currently reworking the demerit system. Earlier in the year, we had an idea to get rid of the categorized donation boards outside the admissions office. However, our efforts were insufficient, as the school appreciates this board along with the donors who help them thrive.”


B: What are some of the biggest challenges or things you still hope to accomplish before the end of the year?


M: “By the end of the year, I hope for a better demerit system, and more. I have some ideas planned for the rest of the year: I want to put on a concert where anyone can perform, so that people who don’t have the opportunity to perform publicly will now get to, I also want to organize  peer group olympics. I also encourage the student body to provide me with more ideas to help make the school more fun and engaging.”


B: In our last interview you said that you hoped to create inter-grade bonding, encourage fresh people fundraising, and make the workload more manageable for student athletes. Have you made any progress on these initiatives? If not, how do you plan to make progress on them before the end of the year?


M: “Back in the day, there was an event where Juniors were grouped with Freshpeople advising groups. I think it’s a big shame that nothing like this goes on anymore. I am unsure how to go about making the connections between grades stronger if there are no more events or activities like this, and with Berkeley Carroll’s intense and busy schedule it tends to be very hard to organize these things. Student athletes undergo loads of pressure. They are pressured to thrive academically, and to be completely dedicated to whatever team they may be a part of. As a member of the volleyball team for 3 years, which practices every weekday from 4-6, I think the best way to handle this pressure is to strengthen time management skills. Also, students should reach out as early as possible to either teacher, coach, or both if their workload ever seems unfair.”




B: You also said that you hoped to create a box where students could express their concerns to you and the student council. Is that still something you would like to do? If not, how can student’s voices be heard?


M: “I have not put an actual box somewhere for concerns, however, students should feel free and encouraged to come to me with any ideas or concerns they have. By speaking to the whole school almost every Tuesday morning, I hope that everyone knows me and is comfortable enough to approach me with anything they think I should know.“


B: As we all know, BC is currently searching for a new head of school. What qualities do you think they should look for?


M: “I love Mr Vitalo. I think we should look to him as an example of what our next head of school should be: someone who is kind, stern, smart, and who fits into our community. I hope whoever becomes the next head of school will make decisions that will benefit the greater good of Berkeley Carroll and abide by its existing message, as Mr. Vitalo strives to do.”  


B: What advice would you have for next year’s student body president?


M: “Some advice that I have for next year’s president is to try to be approachable as possible, and not only be open to suggestions, but to whomever that president may be: make an effort to get as many suggestions and as much input as possible from many different people who make up our diverse community .”