A Guide to Your Perfect Halloween Journey

Maddie K. 18 and Chloe S. 18 as Ben and Jerry

Maddie K. ’18 and Chloe S. ’18 as Ben and Jerry

Maddie Korbey, Executive Editor

Some may say I am a bit of an expert when it comes to Halloween costumes. Yes, I have won the high school Halloween contest multiple times. Yes, I have made my own costumes from scratch. And yes, I am one of those people who takes Halloween way too seriously. So yes, you really should take my advice.

Halloween is a holiday where you have all the control. The first step in your Halloween Journey is deciding if you want to take part in a group costume, a partner costume, or dress up as something on your own. I would recommend partner costumes because there are so many dynamic duos out there that are very easy and fun to dress up as. For example, some of my past costumes have been Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope, Ben and Jerry, and some members from Orange Is the New Black. However, when choosing your partner or group to dress up with, you must make sure they are equally invested in having a killer Halloween costume. This is because it’s always disappointing when you come to school decked out and they embarrass you by not being prepared.

The second step in your Halloween Journey is shopping. Once you know who you’re dressing up with and what you are dressing up as, you must go shopping to find the perfect outfit. I would recommend going through your drawers before you hit the mall because, more often than not, you can put together something for free. If your closet isn’t giving you the smashing costume you need, then I would recommend going to local thrift shops such as L Train, Beacon’s Closet, or Housing Works. These places will provide you with tons of options. They have large flannels, oversized overalls, sequin dresses, boots, and other clothing options that can be pieced together to form a perfect costume.

The next step in perfecting your Halloween Journey is rehearsing. Yes…rehearsing. Rehearsing may seem over the top, but it is truly the way to properly achieve a successful Halloween costume. You must get together with your friend(s) you are dressing up with and put on your costumes. You have to be synced. If one of you is tucking in your shirt, so must the other. You have to practice every little thing. If you are going to be wearing makeup, put it on to test it out. If you are going to be wearing uncomfortable shoes, break them in. This is also the time to make sure you have any additional props with you, such as: swords, blood, hats, wigs, etc. This step can be confusing and can feel unnecessary. But it’s crucial. In my experience, this step has been most helpful in leading me to winning the high school Halloween contest. When I dressed up as Ben and Jerry (with Chloe S. ‘18) we used this step as a time to practice walking around with fake stomachs. We filled our shirts with sweatshirts and tried to master the pot belly look. Once we had the stomachs perfected we practiced walking around with the lumps in our shirts. We also used this time to eat Ben and Jerry’s ice cream so that we could carry around empty pint containers. I recommend following this step, however I do not recommend eating an entire pint of ice cream on your own, in one sitting.

The last step of your epic Halloween Journey is having confidence. When the 31st rolls around, it is time for you to own the streets of New York, and the hallways of Berkeley Carroll. Wear your costume with pride and confidence. Maybe, after a couple of years of practicing these steps, you can become half the prodigy I am. Good luck!