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Asa Khalid
This is Asa's first year on the Blotter. She loves self-deprecating jokes, darkish humor, light humor, and in general all types of humor. Except for Fornite jokes. "Never have been funny and never will be" —Asa 2018. Asa doesn't particularly do anything all that great, but the few marvels she has are pretty good. Some would even say marvelous. A condensed list of the things she can definitely do is: play 2 8th notes in a row on drums (kind of), roll her neck a lot, write, read, play lacrosse, and laugh at pretty much anything. Which can be a good or a bad thing depending on when it is. Fun Fact: She really likes to take the B43 for some reason. It's just the best bus. She may or may not be considering writing an article about the B43.

Asa Khalid, Staff Writer

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