Track and Field Taking it to the Next Level

Track and Field Taking it to the Next Level

Alex Pachter, Staff Writer

For the non track athletes, it feels as though the start of spring began very recently–as the sun resurfaced and students migrated outside once again to the courtyard. Yet for the 2015 BC Track team, spring began in late February, when their training started. Many of us may be feeling that itch to go outside and run now, basking in the ideal weather, but I assure you that the sentiment was not the same during the dark and chilly pre-spring days. Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Scott’s announcements every Tuesday morning that, yes, it was raining, and yes, the track team would still be practicing, were the first hints of the team’s dedication to the sport. Through thick ice and thin air, the team has trotted their way to today, where the BC community is left wondering about the Track team’s endeavors.

On Thursday, April 16, the track team bussed out to Red Hook to compete in their first meet against a few other ACIS schools. All the meets were run in the form of relays. Since only seven members of the team could make the meet, BC competed in four medleys, mixtures of sprinting and distance running. The BC runners consistently placed in the middle of the competition—a solid place to be in as an emerging and building team. Senior Captain Sam Schreiber on the first meet: “For most of the freshmen it was their first meet ever and they showed a lot of potential, which gives us hope for the team’s future.” The potential Sam mentioned was particularly highlighted in freshman runner Ellie Pike, who ran a great leg of her 400 meter relay.

On Tuesday, April 21, the track team set out on their second meet of the season. Highlights include eleventh  grader Nate Oppenheimer throwing the shot put, a track and field event in which a weighted ball is tossed a certain distance. His participation in this event makes the BC track and field team official for the first time!

These performances show that the team is still rebuilding from last season, and is gaining strength with stride and purpose. Already, the track team has gained more interest than in past years, and has 15-20 runners on any given day! Filled with potential, the younger athletes on the team have gotten a taste of competition and will be able to look back on their first track meet and become excellent team leaders in the future. Their team captains, seniors Sunny Birdi and Sam Schreiber stand as shining examples for the younger players. Mr. Scott, one of the coaches, says, “I expect to see higher places and faster times this year as the runners gain more experience and confidence.” His predictions for the future show that the team is running along the track of success and taking it one step at a time.

All the meets build up to the league championships, scheduled for May 11th, and that is what the team will be practicing towards in the upcoming weeks. Sunny Birdi reflects on his time on the track team, “I’m happy to have been part of the track team all of these years and will certainly never forget the bonds I have formed with the coaches and team members, as well as how much of a better runner I have become. Being a senior I appreciate all of it even more!” We look forward to hearing more from the track team!