“Oh, Hello” Comes to Broadway


Photo: New York Times

Gil, George, and too much tuna.

Keelan Clifford, Executive Editor

Oh, Hello! Did you know that stars George St. Geegland (John Mulaney) and Gil Faizon (Nick Kroll) have gone from online to on Broadway in a wickedly funny play that just opened at the Lyceum Theater? Too much tuna, you say? You can never have too much tuna!

This fast-paced play within a play recounts how these two crusty old bachelors from the Upper West Side (“the coffee breath of New York”) battle to keep their rent controlled 5-bedroom for $75 a month mixed with flashbacks about their rise to fame on their TV show, “Too Much Tuna,” with endless kvetching and bickering along the way.

So how do Gil and George make this show one of the hottest tickets on Broadway with their low-budget set (part of which was “salvaged from the Cosby Show”) in the company of smash hits like Hamilton? Well, first off Kroll and Mulaney both have a cult following from their stand-up careers (and Netflix specials) and second, in the words of Kroll, “The only two people who were sure that they were sure they should be on Broadway were George and Gil.”

Mulaney and Kroll do not act as these characters; they are possessed by them. George is a failed writer and husband of three ex-wives, who all died in the same way (stairs are involved) and Gil is an actor who almost had his big break in a CBS voiceover. In an attempt to save their apartment, the two men bring back their pride and joy, “Too Much Tuna,” a show where celebrities are brought on stage and served an obscenely large tuna sandwich.

Absurd as this play is, Gil and George capture the quintessential New Yorker (cranky and a bit crazy with coffee breath) and delve into the timeless themes of loneliness, turtlenecks, fame, raccoon love, and what it means to be a true friend. Gil and George are sure to go down in history as one of the most dynamic and hilarious duos and are certain to win great reviews, at the very least from their crazed and obsessed fans. Go see this with the Gil to your George and make sure to bring plenty of Kleenex (you’ll laugh ’til you cry).

“Oh, Hello” runs through Jan 8th at the Lyceum Theater.  A limited number of $37 rush seats are available on the day of the play when the box office opens.