Grey’s Anatomy + The Fault in our Stars = Red Band Society

Greys Anatomy + The Fault in our Stars = Red Band Society

Grace Walls, Staff Writer

There are lots of hospital shows out there, but somehow, Red Band Society has a different feeling. Red Band Society features six teenage characters; each with different reasons for being in Ocean Park Hospital in Los Angeles. These kids formed a group called the “Red Band Society”, and promised to have each other’s backs through any predicament that they might get  themselves into. Similar to the novel and movie The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, the show follows teenage relationships and the dialogue can sometimes be a bit too complex for the characters. While the show isn’t completely focused on a teenage love story, like TFIOS, the love factor is definitely there. The program has more to offer, but for some, the love triangle between Emma, Leo and Jordi is enough to keep them watching. Since it takes place in a hospital, the medical aspects of shows like Grey’s Anatomy are obviously there as well. Watching the previews and commercials for RBS we get a similar feeling as other shows, but when we go farther into it and explore the characters, we begin to realize that Red Band Society has a lot more to offer. So if you’re free Wednesday nights at 9:00, turn on Fox and join the Red Band Society.

By far the most lovable character on RBS, twelve-year-old Charlie has an interesting view on the events that take place in the hospital. Along with being the adorable narrator of the show, he is also in a coma. Charlie shares his room with Kara, a sixteen-year-old cheerleader, who lost her popular status as queen bee at school when she was admitted to the hospital with a heart condition. Jordi traveled alone from Mexico to get treatment for his cancer because no one in his family believed a hospital could help him. Jordi’s roommate Leo is the leader of their Red Band Society. Before Leo was diagnosed with cancer, he was a popular soccer player at his school. Being the leader of the Society, Leo tries to help hisfriends by being there when they need him, and giving advice. While his intentions are usually good, he can come off a little selfish or passive aggressive. Because of this, Leo’s best friend Dash does his best to keep everyone in check. Dash is in need of a transplant, and has some huge decisions to make regarding his medical situation. The final Red Bander is Emma. Admitted to the hospital with an eating disorder, Emma is finding herself being friends with people she would never be talking to in a school setting. Just as the Red Band Society is a second family to these teens, the show gives the viewers a nice sense of belonging when everyone gets along.

Being a show about teens, RBS can have some major drama. While the characters are mostly always there for each other, they all have their flaws. Here’s who does what: Starting with the “leader”, Leo can be extremely selfish at times. Especially when it comes to Emma. Since Emma and Leo used to date, Leo gets jealous when she gets flirty with Jordi. Leo’s best friend Dash is the rebel of the hospital. When he’s not spending time with Leo, Dash is either sneaking out or being cheeky with the nurses. No one likes Kara. She’s a diva, and so far, she really doesn’t fit in. And from what we can tell, she doesn’t really care. opposite of Kara, for the most part Jordi keeps to himself. The only times he really opens up is to Emma, which gets Leo frustrated. Emma is stuck between two boys. She knows they both like her, but her only problem is “who do I like more?” The only member without any drama is Charlie. Being in a coma, it’s hard for him to do anything wrong. It’s also hard for us viewers not to love him.